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Faculty and Staff


William Estrada                       Principal

Yvonne Karapetian                  Assistant Principal

Mateo Marquez                       APEIS


Support Staff

Laura Hirshberg                      Instructional Coach

Abisola Oseni                        Psychologist

Winnie Jimenez                      Nurse

David Howells                        Instrumental Music

Manuel Vasquez                     Instructional Technology Facilitator

Rosalba Gama                       Pupil Services and Attendance Counselor


Office Staff

Liliana Bharwani                    School Administrative Assistant

Armando Larios                     Office Tech

Ruth Ochoa                           Community Representative


Custodial Staff

Ramiro Gonzalez                  Plant Manager

Alan Enciso                           Buildings and Grounds Worker


Pre-School for All Learners (PAL)

Ms. Murata

Ms. Peña


2nd Grade

Mr. Busch

Ms. Chow

Mr. Hernandez (Alternative Curriculum)

Ms. Taylor


3rd Grade

Ms. Taylor

Mr. Oleskiewicz

Ms. Anderson


4th Grade

Ms. Acuña

Ms. Recinos (Upper SLD)

Ms. Quizon


5th Grade

Ms. Donlucas

Ms. Noe

Ms. Vargaz

Mr. Cross (RSP)

Classified Support

Library Aide

Karen Isreal


Special Ed Assistants

Tania Montoya

Sofia Perez Bonilla

Melina Vallejo

Maria Mejia

Emmy Cortes

Nicholas Mueller

Janette Ramirez


Teacher Assistants

Ruby Ordaz

Edith Juarez


Supervision and Campus Aides

Maria Barbaran

Lawanna Butler



Tangela Mcglowthurn                  Cafeteria Manager

Shawana Shaw

Sabrina Fairman